Delivering the best Virtual Reality streaming
experience at practical bit rates.

Virtual Reality is a beautiful jumble of technology and hype. Massive efforts have been expended to develop ways to create and experience VR content.  But the quality of the experience has been underwhelming – limited by hardware performance, massive file sizes, bit rates and download times. There is no practical VR streaming solution that delivers on the promise of VR. The Industry will be stalled until someone can deliver an immersive streaming experience of the highest quality without lag or artifacts, at practical bit rates to the headset – and more importantly, to mobile devices. No one will make money in VR until the experience is greatly improved. This is a big problem.

Cinova unlocks the power and promise
of Virtual Reality.

For Content Creators and Consumers looking for the highest quality in Virtual Reality, Cinova Full VR sets the standard for beautiful, secure, experiences streaming in real time — without waiting for downloads and within the constraints of everyday bandwidth. More than just compression, Full VR is a complete high performance delivery platform from ingest to headset. What makes Cinova’s approach different is that every Full VR stream is unique and personalized — content aware, network aware and viewer aware. Powered by over eight Perceptual Science and optimization patents and deployed in the cloud to scale, Full VR delivers dependable Broadcast Grade visual quality with very low latency. Cinova unlocks the value and promise of Virtual Reality.


Cinova, Inc.

Mountain View, CA